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Today’s healthcare sector is constantly changing, which can bring both challenges and opportunities. The skill disciplines of Healthcare Integration (HL7 / X12) and Health Information Security are firmly in the middle of all the changes and growth within health IT. Increased demand for services and resources as well as the tempo of operation within these disciplines has never been so high. Connect with experts within these critical disciplines through Core Health Technologies. Read below to learn more about how we can help you.

What do you do when you experience integration challenges?  A “challenge” may present itself in a multitude of scenarios:

  • You start seeing project milestones approaching quickly and your organic resources are stretched thin already
  • Your backlog of integration maintenance work is stacking up due to higher prioritized ‘Meaningful Use’ implementations
  • A staff member is out on an extended hardship
  • You’re short on security qualified resources because you have open full-time (perm) positions unfilled as a result of lack of quality candidates or even inability to take the time to try to fill them
  • Your team is being pulled in too many directions, with competing priorities from across your enterprise

Do you have a trusted partner that you can rely on when you find yourself in a tough situation?  Do you have a plan to test options to uncover a resource that may be able to grow into a trusted resource?

Let Core Health Technologies be that trusted resource. With a proven methodology and track record of success, we can tailor a solution that fits your specific situation and demands, from long-term full team engagements to one short-term consultant engaging to solve a very specific need, and everything in-between.

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What are the resources you turn to that can help with your professional security and advancement?  Do you consider them trusted resources?  We observe many scenarios where a trusted professional resource would be truly valuable to healthcare IT professionals today, including:

  • Your current situation has limited professional advancement opportunities
  • Interested in considering a transition to consulting from your current full-time salaried position
  • Your end date is approaching on your current consulting project and you’re interested in finding new opportunities
  • You’d like to assess your current rate/salary and see how it fits nationally and how marketable your existing skill set and experience is
  • Learning a new technology or considering a different role interests
  • You have an interest in relocating and you want access to an increased professional network for career opportunities in your target market

Let Core Health Technologies be that trusted resource.  With a proven position in the market, specific expertise in healthcare integration and health information security, and a track record of success, we can help you progress and prosper in your career, from long-term consulting engagements to full-time (perm) placement, and everything in-between.

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We solve our clients’ Healthcare IT challenges by building solutions tailored to address their specific needs. With a strong reputation built on delivering healthcare integration (HL7/X12) solutions we have continued to grow our capabilities to support the entire Healthcare IT enterprise.

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"Not only did Core Health’s consultant exceed our expectations, he added significant value to our work process and made a real impact to us as a business. We extended the engagement to capitalize on his expertise and work ethic.”

--IT Manager, Regional Healthcare Provider

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