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Information Security

The Office of the National Coordinator for Health Information Technology (ONC) states that “health information technology (health IT) makes it possible for healthcare providers to better manage patient care through the sharing of health information.” We also know that health IT puts Protected Health Information (PHI) at risk. Technology advancements, the increased pace of integrating systems and sharing data, and even the increase of the amount of providers utilizing health IT to increase patients’ quality of care increase our need to ensure we protect health information.  That’s where Core Health Technologies comes in…

We Solve Healthcare Organizations’ Health Information Security Challenges by Helping Protect Health Information.


Our clients have consistently told us in our surveys that security is what kept them awake at night more than anything else. To meet our clients’ needs, we’ve  built a practice specifically focused on health information security. We’ve applied the same principles and unique business model that built our reputation of success in healthcare integration and workign to grow our reputation in health information security by producing results that solving our clients’ security challenges.

Whether we are providing a team of experienced information security professionals to conduct an objective security audit across the entire healthcare provider organization, helping implement the changes needed as a result of an audit, or just providing an individual to build documentation around policies and practices already in place, Core Health Technologies can help your organization ensure your health information is secure.

Learn how Core Health Technologies is responding to clients’ needs and setting a new standard in solving health information security challenges: Best of breed Health Information Security consultants, no service contracts, and maximum flexibility.

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About Us

We solve our clients’ Healthcare IT challenges by building solutions tailored to address their specific needs. With a strong reputation built on delivering healthcare integration (HL7/X12) solutions we have continued to grow our capabilities to support the entire Healthcare IT enterprise.

What Clients Are Saying…

"Not only did Core Health’s consultant exceed our expectations, he added significant value to our work process and made a real impact to us as a business. We extended the engagement to capitalize on his expertise and work ethic.”

--IT Manager, Regional Healthcare Provider

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