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2016 HL7 Interface Technology Survey Results


JULY, 2016

Survey Results

Core Health Technologies developed the 2016 HL7 Interface Technology Survey to allow the HL7 community to compare their experience and thoughts to others in the larger HL7 community.

This survey reports the results of over 160 HL7 CIOs, VPs, managers, and analysts. It aims to serve as a benchmark for the HL7 community as a whole. This year’s survey explores topics ranging from version and function usage to HL7 business challenges. The survey’s results are presented graphically to provide a summary of participant responses.

Data was collected during a one month period in June of 2016. Our survey was open to all participants through our website and we encouraged participation with email invitations and through various social media outlets.

Use data from the 2016 HL7 Interface Technology Survey to answer questions such as…

  • Which Integration Engines are most popular?
  • How are most healthcare organizations balancing full-time versus part-time or contract employees?
  • What plans do healthcare companies have to change engines? Are they happy with their current choices?
  • What role do mergers and acquisitions play in the industry?
  • How popular are HIEs in the industry and what role do they currently play?

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