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A family of specialists — with a wide variety of skillsets, experiences and backgrounds. No matter what technology you use or what pain point you’re experiencing, we have the right consultant for you.

How can we help?


Get your healthcare technology talking! Core Health Technologies offers a broad range of healthcare interoperability expertise, including all leading (and legacy) integration engines.


Bringing a new HL7 integration engine on-board? Core Health Technologies can help you avoid the roadblocks along the way and ensure you know best practices, so your launch is smooth sailing.


 Routine upgrades and migrations ensure security and stability for your organization’s HL7 interface environment. Get started with a consultant who has been there, done that. 


Employee transitions can happen for any number of reasons — but a gap in your team can be a progress-killer. We can ensure your productivity doesn’t take a dip while you’re in transition.

staff augmentation

Could your internal team use a boost? By mixing permanent and temporary expertise you can quickly bridge the skill and experience gaps in your project. Avoid adding permanent headcount and accelerate project delivery with Core Health Technologies.

vendor-neutral system audits

Are you searching for an unbiased assessment of your system? Tired of vendors trying to upsell you more technology or licenses? You won’t find any of that here. No breadcrumbs, no bias, no bull. Just honest advice centered around your success.

Flexible Consultants

It’s your project and your technology, you call the shots. Single consultants or a full team. Short-term or long-term. Extra muscle or extra hustle. This integration engine or that. Think of us as your perpetual +1 for any of your interoperability objectives.

advanced team training

Rather than traditional generic training programs,  our consultants will come train your team on your actual system. We’ll will work in tandem with your team to establish best practices and effectively leverage your existing integration engine and processes.