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2013 Healthcare Integration Compensation Survey Results


JULY, 2013

Survey Results

Over 675 US-based individuals participated in this survey. Participants are employed by organizations that vary in type, location, and size but all people represented in this report work within the healthcare integration discipline.

The results provide a current snapshot of compensation variables for IT professionals within the healthcare integation discipline. This survey was conducted over a two week period during the summer of 2013 and was available to all participates via our website, www.Corehealthtechnologies.com. We sought to maximize participation through email and social media outlets. 

Key Observations by Core Health Include:

  • Remote work options abound
  • Low tenure for full-time integration staff – Positive trend from 2012
  • Strong IT & Healthcare experience
  • Corepoint, Epic Bridges, & Rhapsody continue to expand market share
  • Cloverleaf remains #1 reported engine used in a diverse market