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2012 HL7 Interface Technology Survey Results



Survey Results

The 2012 HL7 Interface Technology Survey Results provide a current view of the HL7 interface market within the healthcare community. They include data on technology, organizational priorities, meaningful use preparedness, and perspectives on interface engine vendors from over 1,350 healthcare IT experts.

These results are presented from three key perspectives – those of CIO/CTOs, IT Managers, and HL7 professionals.

They present a summary of the data collected during a 14-day period in August 2012, open to all participants through our website. We encouraged participation with email invitations and through various social media outlets.

Information in the 2012 HL7 Interface Technology survey includes:

  • Professional experience vs. retention rates
  • Interface engine usage and perferences
  • Satisfaction with current engines
  • Lack of focus in the industry on security
  • Importance of integration

…and more! For example, did you know that while Cloverleaf remains the leader in market share, we continue to see many engines being used? Or that the Oracle/Sun/SeeBeyond product line of DataGate, e*Gate, ICAN, and JCAPS has declined pretty significantly over the last three years (from 34% in 2010 to below 7% in 2012)? 

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