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Making Progress: A 2013/2014 Comparison of HIE Orgs Supporting Meaningful Use Stage 2



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by Mari Greenberger, Director, Informatics, HIMSS North America; and Charlie Rogers, former Chair, HIMSS HIE Committee, and former CEO, Core Health Technologies

Recently, the HIMSS HIE Committee conducted a follow-up survey to its 2013 Meaningful Use (MU) Stage 2 Survey research providing a year-over-year snapshot of how health information organizations (HIOs) are facilitating providers’ progress in achieving meaningful use objectives – specifically around Stage 2. The 2014 Follow-up survey indicates substantial improvement in a short time.

From our perspective, we see significant progress in multiple areas, signaling that HIEs are expanding services to deliver needed value to their providers and communities. While HIO participation in the two surveys is not statistically significant compared to the entire HIO population, we believe the responses serve as a good representation of the HIO market.

This 2014 survey-results infographic highlights progress and notable improvements during the last year, including critical Meaningful Use Stage 2 benchmarks for eligible professionals (EPs), eligible hospitals (EHs), and critical access hospitals (CAHs).

Meaningful Use Stage 2

Results show an increase from:

  • 52% in 2013 to 74% in 2014 of HIEs providing services or a gateway to facilitate orders/results delivery (i.e. CPOE).
  • 22% in 2013 to 42% in 2014 of HIEs providing patient reminders functionality for care coordination.
  • 59% in 2013 to 79% in 2014 of HIEs offering Direct HISP services for secure messaging between providers and patients.
  • 87% in 2013 to 100% in 2014 of HIOs reviewing or conducting a security risk analysis to ensure data protection.

“87% in 2013 to 100% in 2014 of HIOs reviewing or conducting a security risk analysis to ensure data protection.”

With 19 of the 23 respondents from 2013 participating this year, the 2014 follow-up survey has provided essential information for members of the HIMSS HIE Committee to assess current trends and refocus efforts to deliver better value to our HIE stakeholders and HIE Community. These activities will include development of:

  • Research and analysis to better understand how HIOs are making progress with DIRECT exchange;
  • Ongoing dialogue with the market to identify key barriers to HIE success with recommendations on how to avoid or navigate through them; and,
  • Innovative sustainability and interoperability strategies, since they continue as ‘pain points’ for many HIOs.

As the adage goes, “once you have seen one HIE, you have seen one HIE.”

We believe the results from the 2014 follow-up survey provide further evidence that HIEs are demonstrating broad industry momentum. HIEs are also attempting to deliver increased value – especially surrounding the Meaningful Use Stage 2 core and menu options, to providers, healthcare professionals, and most importantly, to patients.

Are you part of an HIE? What benefits or challenges have you experienced? Share your thoughts here on the HIMSS Blog.

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