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Case Study

Healthcare System Integrations: From Overwhelming to Under Control


JULY, 2012

Use Case


One challenge facing all healthcare providers nationwide today is the need for the seamless integration of healthcare information systems. This was especially true for a growing regional healthcare provider who found the workload, pace, and complexity of its own healthcare integration challenges overwhelming. They decided they needed an experienced partner to make their integration happen.

To help achieve and sustain their goal of delivering high-quality patient care and continue dynamic growth and expansion, it was vitally important that the client improved its resource efficiency to ensure solid integration performance. Based on its extensive experience with multiple resource healthcare integration projects, Core Health Technologies was called in to gain control and oversee the on-going optimization of the healthcare provider’s integration efforts.

Healthcare System Integration Case Study | Core Health Technologies

This healthcare provider operates more than 70 hospitals and 400 clinics in 15 states. As a result of their aggressive growth strategy, many of the information systems within its facilities remained outside their integrated network. In addition, as part of its strategy and vision for the company, the provider planned to continue to introduce new hospital systems regularly into its network of facilities.

To better manage and monitor the multitude of ongoing integration projects, as well as the growing projects in their plans, the organization worked with Core Health Technologies to effectively manage the integration of the provider’s various hospital systems nationwide.


Core Health Technologies’ work began with the evaluation of all current integration projects and resources. Upon review of the evaluation, it was determined that Core’s consultant—a senior PMP-certified healthcare integration expert with over 20 years of experience—would take the on-site lead in centralizing management of projects and resources for integration.

“As a result of this company’s aggressive growth strategy, many of the information systems within its facilities remained outside their integrated network.”

The client was effectively executing on their significant list of integration projects but lacked the oversight and control needed to increase efficiency and timeliness of that execution. The challenge was two-fold: 1) Assign resources to best align the skill sets and strengths of the team with the project demands and 2) maintain a level of oversight and interaction that would drive and increase the efficiency of the team while achieving quality results.

Core Health Technologies’ project manager gained control of the project plans, organic and external resources, and relationships to unify the integration efforts within the organization.


According to the healthcare provider, Core Health Technologies’ consultant led the organization’s integration efforts of more than 20 different HL7 healthcare integration projects professionally and leveraged his extensive experience to create an operation that is sustainable for the long-term.

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