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Case Study

Core Provides Remote, Long-Term Support for Legacy Integration Engine to Virginia Healthcare Provider


JULY, 2012

Use Case


Any long-term relationship in the technology world is built on proven results and ongoing expert support and service over time. Core Health Technologies has been a long-term technology partner of a regional healthcare provider in Virginia, delivering remote IT project support for more than two years and hundreds of projects utilizing their legacy integration engine.


In 2009, the healthcare organization needed experienced production support for a number of ongoing system integration projects. The majority of the systems at the healthcare provider leveraged the DataGateTM HL7 interface engine.

DataGate is an interface engine that sits squarely within Core Health Technologies’ expertise. DataGate is now considered a legacy integration engine in that it no longer is supported by its software manufacturer. While not supported, many hospitals continue to use DataGate due to the simple fact that it functions well within certain hospital environments. Core Health Technologies’ focus on healthcare integration has resulted in their unique ability to provide healthcare integration solutions, even supporting legacy integration engines that hospitals choose not to replace in the near future. In this situation, Core Health Technologies provided support for designing, developing, and managing HL7 interfaces specifically with the DataGate HL7 integration engine.

The healthcare provider initially engaged Core Health Technologies to provide training of their internal staff on the DataGate engine. They were transitioning an HL7 interface programmer with other engine experience to focus on the DataGate work, but could not get support from the engine’s manufacturer. Core Health Technologies’ consultant was brought on to provide training and day-to-day interface support. The healthcare provider quickly found out their need was broader than just engine-specific training and expanded their scope.

Core Health Technologies’ expanded support to include developing and managing strategic interfaces for several critical hospital information systems, including Soft (ADT, Orders, and Results), McKesson Pharmacy (ADT, Orders, Charges, and Dispenses), HIIQ (ADT and Charges), I3E (database for research), Olympus (ADT and Results), and ViewPoint (ADT, Orders, Results). The consultant, who had nearly three decades of healthcare integration experience, integrated into a team of three full-time employees responsible for healthcare integration across the enterprise.

“the Virginia-based healthcare provider needed experienced production support”


Since starting to work with the healthcare provider more than two years ago, Core Health Technologies has been instrumental in the development and deployment of more than 250 interfaces across their network of hospitals and healthcare facilities.

The healthcare provider said, “Core Health Technologies came in when we were in a very difficult situation. We were severely short-handed when it came to interface support. Core Health Technologies helped to get us beyond our support issues and really provided a stabilizing factor to our system and our team. A few years later, we’re still working with Core Health Technologies and have been impressed with the knowledge and consistency they bring to the table. I would highly recommend Core Health Technologies for others in need of assistance.”

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