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There is one question on our HL7 Interface Technology Survey that is clearly the  most popular. It is the one that best captures the participant’s confidence in the future of industry’s key product – the HL7 Interface Engine Leaders in years ahead. We ask:

What interface engine do you believe will be the market leader in 2-5 years? 

Interface Engine Leaders - 2011 Survey

Everyone wants to know – and for good reason!  Leaders in healthcare IT want to know if the research done during their selection process still holds true and if they should continue to investment in their current engine. The professionals intimately involved in working with HL7 interface engines want to know if the skill set and expertise they are building has a shelf life, or if they need to shift their focus and transition to a new technology.

As we review the results of this years’ survey and compare the responses to last year’s results, we found 3 key takeaways related to market performance.

“… professionals … want to know if the skillset and expertise they are building has a shelf life or if they need to … transition to a new technology. ”

Compare the 2011 HL7 Interface Technology Survey Results above to our 2010 HL7 Interface Technology Survey Results.

Our Top 3 Observations regarding Market Confidence:

Healthcare IT professionals are confident in the Cloverleaf HL7 Interface Engine as one of the Interface Engine Leaders in years ahead. 

Confidence in the Lawson Cloverleaf HL7 Interface Engine grew among CIO/CTOs, Managers, and HL7 Interface Professionals in this year’s survey. Given its strong market presence (35% of all participants currently use Cloverleaf) despite changing ownership twice since January 2010, the current confidence in Cloverleaf seems to be a significant message from the market.(Lawson acquired Healthvision in January 2010; Infor acquired Lawson in July 2011).

Typically customers will withdraw active support from a vendor for a period of time immediately after acquisition. They’ll wait to confirm that the new owner will continue to invest in that product offering. Continued use of Cloverleaf, despite with recent ownership changes, therefore tells us that people currently like what they have and where they are headed.

Corepoint continues to gain confidence in the market.  

Corepoint saw an increase in respondents who ranked them as one of the Future Interface Engine Leaders this year. It now sits in the #2 position. Their current market share is smaller than that of some other engines, but support was overwhelming. The responses and comments we received show that Corepoint has a stronger overall customer satisfaction rating than many other options.

The Market is losing confidence in the former SeeBeyond e*Gate and JCAPS product line and no longer see them as interface engine leaders.  

We believe this is one of the most significant changes from year to year. The change in CIOs selecting e*Gate/JCAPS was 16.3 percentage points. It went from from 21% in 2010 to 4.7% in 2011. Twelve months and a 16.3% drop seems to confirm what we’ve been hearing from managers and CIOs — Oracle has not embraced the healthcare integration discipline.

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