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2015 HL7 IE Compensation Survey Results


MAY, 2015

Survey Results

The 2015 HL7 Interface Compensation Survey Results provide a current view of the HL7 interface market from the perspective of integration professionals actively working within it.  Participants entered the survey through one of two forms, either as a consultant/contractor or as a full-time permenant employee.

Results of the two perspectives are combined in this document to provide a more complete snapshot of the market. Topics covered in this survey include compensation, experience, technology, work location, and travel requirements. These results also include the participants’ perspectives on interface engine vendors. Survey results are presented in graphic summary form and include input from all levels within the healthcare integration discipline.

These survey results provide a summary of the data collected during a four week period in Q2 2015 open to all participants through our website, www.corehealthtechnologies.com. We encouraged participation with email invitations and through various social media outlets. Over 300 individuals participated in this survey. All participants live and work in the United States and are employed by healthcare organizations, predominantly providers, using HL7 interfaces.